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average cost per square meter decking

How much does a deck cost to build (QLD Australia)? | Tips and Tricks.7 Apr 2015 . This will give you a total square metre tally and cost per square metre can be based on $250-$290 per m2. Example: 10m long alfresco deck span x 3m wide (or deep) alfresco deck span = 30 m2. 30 x $250 = $7,500. 30 x $290 = $8,700. This estimated cost includes merbau hardwood decking panels, joists.

How Much Does It Cost Per Square Metre To Build A Deck? - YouTube.13 Jun 2017 . Square metres a rough cost using reasonable quality deck board including labour and materials would. $320 per square metre for hardwood timber decking. The default of $200 per square metre is an estimate for roofs made timber 15 mar 2011 decking costs around $180 and the total cost average job on.

See How Much Garden Decking Costs in the UK - Job Prices.The photo below is a very good example of what I'm referring to: . How much does it cost to supply and install timber decking to a typical garden in the UK? . Cost Guide. Below is an estimated cost for 30 square metres on decking, supply and install. Expensive high-quality Ipe boards are usually installed by specialists,.

View topic - How much was your decking? ? Home Renovation ..We just had a quote for timber decking to our alfresco. Just shy of 19 m2, treated pine stirrups/bearers/joists and merbau decking, total price just. . For the permit I needed an actual cost estimate and calling around was quoted $250-$300 per meter for a low level deck. Yours calculates at $236. Different.