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sorghum in wood plastic composite

Patent US20130089700 - Composite boards made with sorghum ..11 Apr 2013 . A composite board having a sorghum stalk material component and a thermoplastic binder component is disclosed together with a corresponding . used to produce traditional wood-based composite materials including particle board, fiberboard and OSB panels include thermosetting plastic resins such as.

Vikram Yadama | Composite Materials & Engineering Center ..Mechanics of wood and wood composites; modeling of engineered wood composites; structure and behavior of wood joints; industrial extension/outreach in forest . lignin-rich dichloromethane extracts of hot water-treated wood fibers and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) in wood plastic composite (WPC) production.

mechanical Behaviour of Sorghum Stalk rind reinforced maleic ..the field of composites. Wood plastic composite (WPC) decking products, for example, are used instead of traditional natural wood lumber, targeting lower maintenance requirements and longer life2. The natural fibre composite materials market is estimated to reach. $531.3 million by 20163. One important renewable.

Biorefinery of sweet sorghum stem. - NCBI.28 Jan 2012 . Sweet sorghum has been considered as a viable energy crop for alcohol fuel production. This review discloses a novel approach for the biorefining of sweet sorghum stem to produce multiple valuable products, such as ethanol, butanol and wood plastic composites. Sweet sorghum stem has a high.

Kirei Board: A Radical Material with a Big Impact : TreeHugger.27 Jul 2009 . Sorghum stalks used in the manufacture of Kirei Board are a rapidly renewable resource left after the edible portion of the plant is harvested. . Since it is a straw-based material, Kirei Board is softer and more porous than typical wood products. . It's a composite "wood" with no added urea formaldehyde.

Preparation and properties of oriented sorghum-thermoplastic ..31. Semple, KE, Smith, GD. Prediction of internal bond strength in particleboard from screw withdrawal resistance models. Wood Fiber Sci 2006; 38: 256–267. Google Scholar. 32. Ayrilmis, N, Jarusombuti, S, Fueangvivat, V. Effect of thermal-treatment of wood fibres on properties of flat-pressed wood plastic composites.

Measurement on Thermal Conductivity of Pine Wood Dust Filled ..Qi et al. investigated the thermal conductivity of composite panels hot- pressed with varying proportions of sweet sorghum and high density poly ethylene (HDPE). . Prisco investigated experimentally the thermal conductivity of wood flour (WF) filled high density polyethylene composite (Wood plastic composite, WPC).

Investigations on ageing of wood-plastic composites for outdoor ..15 Oct 2016 . Investigations on ageing of wood-plastic composites for outdoor applications: A meta-analysis using empiric data derived from diverse weathering trials .. The used fibres are derived from plants and as such hemp, sisal, coconut, cotton, kenaf, jute, abaca, banana, leaf fibres, bamboo, rice, wheat straw etc.

Thermal conductivity of sorghum and sorghum--thermoplastic ..An empirical equation for describing the thermal conductivity of sweet sorghum and HDPE composite panels was fitted, and has a good agreement with testing data. Compared with other empirical equations for predicting the thermal conductivity of wood, the experimental values in this study consistently had lower values,.

Wood-Plastic Composites - Fraunhofer WKI.In addition to the classic wood-based materials such as particle board and fiberboard, there are a multitude of bio-composite materials such as wood-plastic . as hemp, sisal, kenaf and flax, agricultural residual material such as wheat straw and rice husks and even paper residues can be used in the production of WPC.

Fundamental studies on wood–plastic composites: Effects of fiber ..24 Mar 2008 . Abstract. Wood fibers are increasingly being used as reinforcement in commercial thermoplastic composites due to their low cost, high specific properties and renewable nature. The ultimate goal of our research was to find a fundamental understanding of the mechanical behavior of poplar/polypropylene.

Jing Zhong | Professional Profile - LinkedIn.Wood-plastic composite material using sweet sorghum slag as enhanced phase and preparation method for wood-plastic composite material. China. Filed May 2012. Inventors: Tianwei Tan,; Xiao Yang,; Jing Zhong,; Tao Zhang.