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What's the Difference: Deck stain - Fine Homebuilding.21 May 2009 . Most stains are engineered to color and protect wood in a single coat and are available in oil-based, water-based, and water-based epoxy-fortified mixtures.

Paint or Stain: Which Is Right For Your Deck? - Popular Mechanics.18 May 2013 . High-quality, water-based latex paints are more flexible than oil-based paints and can withstand the wood's moisture fluctuations better. The high solids content in paints helps form a thick, opaque film on the surface that hides imperfections, resists moisture, and blocks UV rays. If done right, a painted.

Choose the Right Stain: Interior, Exterior, Oil, Latex, Siding, Deck ..Semi-Transparent, Semi-Solid, & Solid - Stains come in different opacities. Semi-Transparent stains will allow the grains and textures of the wood or surface to show through, semi-solid stains contain more pigment and alkyd for UV resistance and durability, while solid stains will finish to a smoother surface, but yet still show.

Deck Stain — Semi Solid Decking Stain Products | Cabot.Uniquely formulated for superior durability; Oil-based and water repellent; Best recommendation for decks; Ideal for use on decks, siding, and fencing; Deep . Cabot Semi-Solid Deck & Siding Stains can be used on most types of smooth and rough exterior wood, including decks, siding, fences, log homes and roofs.

Painting or Staining a Wooden Deck | Fix.com.6 Aug 2015 . But with all that solid-wood awesomeness comes the requisite care and maintenance. Unlike some alternatives, such as concrete, brick pavers, or synthetic deck boards, a real wooden deck requires a little bit of love from time to time. One of the most important maintenance choices you can make for your.

Best Wood Stain Buying Guide - Consumer Reports.30 Jan 2017 . The most durable options are often the most expensive up front, but their longer life should save you money over the long haul. . Solid. Also known as opaque stains, solid treatments typically hold up for at least three years—the longest overall. They're fine for pine decks, where seeing the grain isn't.

DECK STAIN: Why Most People Mess Up Their Deck Big-Time.22 Mar 2017 . Love Your Deck is just good, solid, field proven advice based on many years of my personal experience and field testing. .. new wood sanded with a 60- or 80-grit abrasive developed the greatest absorbency and most durable final deck finish of all prep options. chemicals for removing mill glaze and.

Pro Tips For Selecting the Best Outdoor Paint or Stain — Family ..The trade-offs between paints and stains are the same for fences as for decks (see “Decks,” below). Film-forming finishes like paint and solid stains last longer and have stronger colors, but will inevitably peel and require more effort to renew. Semi-transparent oil stains won't last as long. However, if you apply them properly,.

All About Exterior Stain | This Old House.The new formulas are more durable and abrasion resistant but don't penetrate as deeply or quickly as oil, so it's easy to overapply them and leave shiny spots. . Sherwin-Williams's WoodScapes Solid-Color Stain in Cape Cod Red on trim, and DeckScapes Waterborne Semi-Transparent Stain in Cider Mill on decking and.

Should I Paint or Stain My Deck? | Angie's List.24 Apr 2013 . The deck is not covered, so I want something durable. Would I . The problem with painting a deck is that most deck surfaces are horizontal, so the paint just “lays” on the deck. As a result, those areas hold water. Painting, or using a solid-color stain with no sealer, will only help trap that moisture in the wood.

Best Composite Decking Material - 2018 Reviews & Expert Buying ..Or perhaps the durability and strength of vinyl decking combined with it's other advantages? . Vinyl decking is one of the best and most durable decking materials you can ever buy when. .. If you do want to change the color of the decking, the experts recommend that you use quality latex paint and solid colors.

8 Best Deck Stain Reviews – Oil-Based & Water-Based Deck Stain.Provides extreme durability and protection to any type of wood. Defy is waterproof and . this deck stain is child's play. This stain is most definitely one of the best wood stains for those who have never stained before. ... Solid deck stain is preferred over regular paint because it will never peel. Your choice for a stain type and.

Consumer Reports: Top Deck Stains - NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth.23 May 2014 . A solid stain lasts longer, but it covers up the natural grain of the wood. It's more durable. So three years later, it's almost exactly the same. The semi-transparent Cabot Express Deck Wood Stain claims you'll need no dry time between cleaning your deck and applying the stain. So testers applied the Cabot.

Best Paints to Use on Decks and Exterior Wood Features.9 May 2016 . We could tell immediately when the first coat went on that this product was good because it covered so well and just looked more durable than . Behr also makes a solid color stain and a gorgeous semi-transparent stain that is really good as well and if your decking is fully covered and you do not have.