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Thailand - Symbio, Inc..Thailand. Company:SYMBIO (THAILAND) CO., LTD. Address:55/39 Moo 15, Bangsaotong Subdistrict, Bangsaotong District, Samutprakarn 10570, Thailand. Tel:+662-130-5491-3. http://symbiothailand.co.th/.

Thai Indoor-Outdoor Furniture, Rattan, Water Hyacinth, Bamboo ..Our furniture collections are kind of: Outdoor-Indoor Thai furniture, Thai Teak wood furniture, Wicker furniture, Thai Vine Leave Furniture, Thai Water Hyacinth furniture, Thai Bamboo Furniture, Rattan furniture, Thai Synthetic Rattan furniture all made from the local craftsmen of Chiang Mai Thailand and surrounding villages.

Academy - BAKRI CONO MARINE is a Thailand.Different types of wood and metal sheeting, as well as more frequently, synthetic resins and fibreglass are the materials mostly used by ship builders today. That is why they are used to working with different materials requiring different techniques. They must know how to saw, polish and carve wood, bend and weld metal,.

SHERA wood.Mahaphant group, established in 1974 in Bangkok Thailand, is emerging as a leading manufacturer of unique ... of synthetic wood skirt, suitably fitted with floor-wall and wall-ceiling finish. Uncolored. Smooth . SHERA eaves are unique fibre cement composite for wood substitution purpose, specially designed for exterior.

thai design | designboom.com.thai company palazzo: pop up furniture collection · #design. by using a combination of various natural fiber such as water hyacinth strands, paper (partially color dyed), jute, etc. the weaving structure create a kaleidoscopic pattern ?. by using a combination of various natural fiber such as water hyacinth strands, paper.