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Techniques for Removing Teak Decks - SailNet Community.Unless correctly maintained over the years, teak decks start to leak. If not addressed early, these leaks can be the cause of major problems. For this reason, most people consider teak decks on older boats a detriment, not an asset. Restoring older teak decks to their former glory and water-tight integrity is not always possible.

Deck Leaks - Boat and Yacht Maintenance and Troubleshooting.9 Jul 1998 . Whether we're talking sail or power boats, deck leaks tend to be a ervasive problem, one which few people give much thought to until its too late and the . After all the new holes are drilled, you next load the void up with epoxy, fit the teak frames into the void, caulk the underside of the frame, and then bolt.

Fort Lauderdale Boat Floor Repair - Teak Marine USA.Your boat is a source of pure enjoyment, whether you are in Fort Lauderdale or in Fort Walton. It's your time to relax and keep your worries on shore, not on your deck. A leaky teak deck can lead to water in the sub-deck or further below. To avoid mildew or rot, it's best to repair any problem as soon as it's detected. The life of.

How to deal with fibreglass deck leaks - boats.com.29 Jul 2014 . On a fibreglass boat it's easy to assume deck leaks are merely an uncomfortable inconvenience. . Leaks through a teak deck are particularly difficult to trace, but should be rectified as soon as possible and certainly before there's any risk of water or frost damage lifting the timber from the deck below.

Fixing Leaky Teaky Deck And Cockpit - Part 1 | Leela.20 May 2015 . When we were shopping for Leela we made a list of “Must Have's” and “Must Not Have's”. One of them was “Must Not Have Teak Decks!” We absolutely LOVE teak decks but boats that are old enough to be affordable to us were built by gluing the teak decks down on the fiberglass deck and then screwing.

Replacing that leaky timber deck - MySailing.com.au.27 Apr 2017 . There are few things that set off a classic yacht as beautifully as a well laid teak deck. It is relatively non-slip, provides insulation for the cabin and, equally importantly, adds to the traditional appeal. But mine had another undesirable characteristic: it was laid some 35 years ago, a lifetime in boat years and so.

Teak deck leak repair - Cruisers & Sailing Forums.My boat has beautiful teak decks that are starting to leak in a few spots. I have pulled a few pieces of hardware and a deck prism and havnt found and core yet so im hoping to avoid any core work. I.

Replacing Black Caulk in Teak: Step by Step Photos.20 Feb 2013 . Being teak novices when we bought the boat, we swore we weren't going to do anything to the teak decks until they started leaking — maybe not a wise strategy, but so far it's worked. But after six years in the deep tropics/Western Caribbean, the teak caulk is severely deteriorating. The decks still don't leak,.

Detecting a Leaky Deck | Cruising World.Trying to locate sneaky deck leaks? Using this unconventional method, you simply need to spot the bubbles. By Michael Tetelbaum January 21, 2016. 1 Comments. Michael Tetelbaum. Step 1: Seal the Interior and install the blower. Michael Tetelbaum. 1 of 3. Sooner or later, all boats leak. It's a fact of sailing life.

How Do You Fix A Leaking Teak Deck? - Cruisers & Sailing Forums.There's a really nice boat for sale that would be great to have for some serious cruising. My friend that owns it told me that the deck leaks badly when there is some bad weather . We had the tail end.

Joinery & Teak Decking - Vortec Marine.However, teak decking requires regular care and attention to maintain its performance and condition. If you have noticed your decking is leaking, splitting, lifting or has been damaged, Vortec Marine have a team of experienced joiners who can repair or replace your deck, to restore it to perfection. Teak deck services include.

Five Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Used Boat ..Exposure to water sometimes happens from leaks in the deck fills above the tanks, or from water sprayed off of the shafts at the stuffing boxes. The tanks gradually rust until the . These problems can be easily identified, and the cost to restore the integrity of the teak decking can be quantified before making a purchase offer.

How to care for teak decks - Tenayatravels.Chances are that if the boat has been cruised, sea water is trapped under the teak planking between the plank and the fiberglass decking. If a fastener has come loose and the adhesive/caulk seal has been compromised, then a leak can occur. It may drain into the interior or it may not, depending if the moisture finds a full.