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replacing teak decks with fiberglass

Laying Teak Decking - On Board with Mark Corke.The step-by-step photos below refer to a teak overlay on a fiberglass or wooden deck. On a more traditional craft where the teak . When you are happy with the layout mark each strip so that you can replace them in the correct position after you have applied the adhesive. 7. Mix up some epoxy and coat the.

current cost estimate for replacing teak deck with nonskid ..$25K to Remove teak, Remove and replace any "wet Core" (we had already done samples and knew that from 10-25% of the core was wet and needed to be replaced with new marine ply), apply new fiberglass over deck (3 layers of 1708 cloth), apply epoxy barrier coat, Epoxy primer, and then apply 2-part.

How to maintain and caulk teak decks on boats..How to repair and maintain a teak deck. . There are two basic types of teak decks. Modern ones are decorative teak laid over a sub deck of fiberglass or other construction which forms the structural support. .. Again, the pressure washer technique is the easiest and most effective way of removing paint. Don't try to get it all.

Deck Restoration.The underlying fiberglass deck was molded to a fine finish; indeed, the "standard" boat came with the fiberglass decks and the teak overlay .. in removing the old teak, removing all the screws, cleaning and fairing the decks, and dealing with all the structural issues (drying/replacing the.

49' Grand Banks | Gillen Diesel and Marine Services.The customer also chose to add some custom features including a washer/dryer/utility room. After careful consideration, it was decided that removal of the original teak deck and replacing it with a painted, nonskid, fiberglass deck was the best option for them. The later model deck paint scheme and color was selected for a.

Replacing Teak Decks, the DIY-er's Way - Practical Sailor Print ..Practical Sailor contributor Joe Minick breaks down the steps to replacing a teak deck aboard your boat yourself, including planning and budgeting, removing the old teak, prepping the deck for . A bit of work with a hammer and chisel revealed that there was only fiberglass laminate under the teak, no gelcoat or nonskid.

Part 2 Teak Deck Removal Fiberglass Prep and Wet Core Removal ..28 Jul 2016 . After removing the teak, grinding off the adhesive and cutting out the wet section of Core. We are prepping the Deck for Glass and Epoxy.

The Passport Project: Part 15 (Deck worries) - Three Sheets Northwest.19 Oct 2012 . The moment we stepped aboard Meridian the first time, I knew her teak decks needed some serious work. The rain . Buh bye, teak: after getting an estimate of more than $20,000 to redo (not replace) our teak decks, nonskid paint seemed the best option. . The cabintop, fortunately, was molded fiberglass.

Deck repair and installation of teak, fiberglass and other composites ..The beauty of a traditional teak deck really enhances the look and feel of your fine boat. However, your teak deck may need maintenance and eventually total replacement. Your teak deck can be refastened, re-seamed and refinished if you have enough thickness left in the original planking. If your planking is too thin to.

teak decks - Baraka.Dave spent 2 days removing fittings installed on the decks - hinges, mast pulpits, brackets, and the mainsheet traveller. The latter was difficult. After removing the headliner inside the cabin, Dave had to grind out fiberglass covering the bolts, and in one case had to cut through bolts. Soon Baraka was a sad mess, teak.

My teak decks are shot, now what? - Sailing Magazine.1 Apr 2015 . What are my options to replace old teak decks? . I suggest cutting through the teak with a circular saw, being careful to just cut the wood and not the fiberglass. From there, its hammer . Your choices for what to replace your teak with include nonskid paint, new teak, cork decking or synthetic teak decking.

Replacing a Teak Deck - Sawmill Creek.This particular 485 is about $70K less than anything else on the market, which is probably what it would cost if you had a yard replace the teak decks. ... taking down the mast, removing all the deck hardware (the boat is 18 years old and that can be a task), removing the old deck, prepping the fiberglass to.

Teak Deck Replacement Project Overview - YouTube.30 Nov 2016 . The overview for a project on how to replace and repair the deck of an older boat with a failed teak deck. Subscribe To This Channel!! https://www.youtube.co. . Will you layup a new top deck with fiberglass and fair it before attaching the teak deck to it? I'm really looking forward to your "adventures" with.

Whats under the teak decks? - Trawler Forum.17 Aug 2010 . He replaced the teak planks with four layers of new fiberglass, which was overkill according to the retired marine engineer on our dock, but you could probably land a plane on the Island Gypsy's deck now. It took him a summer and a half and the end result looks better than if the factory had done it. But it's a.

The Last Hurdle On This Teak Deck Replacement Project ..This fairing process ended up being VERY time consuming (which is why there hasn't been a more recent video before this one). The sanding is done, the deckā€¦

Techniques for Removing Teak Decks - SailNet Community.When viewing boat after boat in the 10 to 25-year-old bracket, Sue and I soon began looking at aging teak decks from a very different perspective. In most cases, teak decks are laid on top of an otherwise perfectly watertight fiberglass surface. Hundreds of screws penetrate the fiberglass deck, reaching into the core to.