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Sourcing Teak Replacement | Boat Design Net.Apologies ahead of time. My search skills are not the best. I have some teak trim that is mostly unnecessary. I want to remove some of it entirely and replace the rest including handrails with some sort of plastic or PVC. My boat is an Olson 30. I've had to tend to a lot of teak in the past and I'm over it.

Installing Synthetic Teak Decks - Power & Motoryacht.19 Sep 2012 . Install synthetic teak decks and skip the constant maintenance. . Cut the finished-panel corners and trim the edges with a block plane and 40-grit sandpaper, and sand imperfections in seams—always with the grain. Flip the assembled panel over, label it for location and orientation on the boat, and glue all.

Is Wood Trim on Its Way Out? - Inside Practical Sailor Blog Article.19 Jul 2017 . With a teak bowsprit and additional teak trim in the cockpit, IP yachts held the course that most production boatbuilders had left behind by the mid-1990s. If you see exterior wood on a Hunter or Beneteau these days, chances are its synthetic teak. That teak toerail on the new Beneteau 34? Synthetic.

Advanced Marine Decking - Flexiteek Trims.1 Dec 2015 . Rubbing Rail 65mm. This 65mm x 20mm product is available in a 10m coil. As well as a rubbing rail, this versatile section can be used for other applications. Color: Teak, Scrubbed, Weathered, Carbon. Flexiteek rubbing rail 65mm.

Synthetic Teak Decking - MyBoatsGear.com.30 Dec 2016 . Synthetic Teak Decking is a modern way to get the same esthetic look and feel of traditional Teak Decking but without the cost and time involved. . Non skid properties of these composite decking materials are good, The rough wood like finish is applied by sanding the finished product with 40 grit.

Custom Boat Trim - PlasTEAK.Swim Platforms · Boat Ladders · Bow Pulpits · Custom Boat Trim & Wood Replacement · Marine-Grade Flooring · Speed Bumps and Parking Blocks · Recycled Plastic Furniture – Outdoor Furniture · Landscaping Products · Recycled Plastic Lumber · Boatboard Sheets · Outdoor Signs · Plastic Grates · Recycled Plastic.

Teak and Wood Replacement - Marine Plastic Innovations, Inc..If you prefer the look of teak we can use PlasTEAK? in some applications. Both StarBoard? and PlasTEAK? are: maintenance free - will not rot, swell, splinter, delaminte or become unslightly - lifetime quality. Replace your: Dashboards - Step pads - Gunnels - Rod holders. Trim - Cabinets - Electronics cabinets - Floor.

Amazon.com : EVA Foam Faux Teak Sheet Boat Yacht Synthetic ... 6mm of soft, durable foam materials with a simple, robust peel-and-stick backing. Have the look of teak without the difficult installation, costs and maintenance required for real wood. Teak decking sheet can easily be cut down to fit nearly any surface on a boat where non-skid, or protection for the boat's surface is required.