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layout building sites in sloping ground

How to Design a Home on a Sloping Site - Build It.7 Jul 2016 . You will also need to investigate the ground's moisture content and whether there is any water movement across the plot. Sometimes there is a risk of liquid building up behind any retaining walls that are formed into the slope. This will put pressure on the structure and could cause damp or high humidity.

Chapter 4: Planning Principles & Design Considerations - IN.gov.4 Oct 2007 . P roject planning, design, and layout can begin once all site information and data has been collected and . details for land clearing, grading, and cut and fill operations that will be used during the construction process .. edge and continuing up slope, the area can be viewed in zones. The “three-zone.

How to Build a Post & Beam Shed Foundation on a Slope - One ..2 May 2012 . The shed measures 10 x 18′, and we started planning the layout by marking the corners of the shed with stakes. To keep everything square, we . The string guides were useful for determining the slope of our site, finding the high-point and marking the locations for our post holes. If you look closely, you'll.

Site plan - Wikipedia.This is done by arranging the compositional elements of landform, planting, water, buildings and paving and building. Site planning generally begins by assessing a potential site for development through site analysis. Information about slope, soils, hydrology, vegetation, parcel ownership, orientation, etc. are assessed and.

Construction Staking and Site Layout Surveys.This Site Layout Staking phase typically begins with those features that are underground such as sanitary sewer lines, storm drain lines, water lines, electrical lines etc. Once all underground utilities are installed the above ground features are staked for construction. The building corners are staked along with any interior.

Topic: Site Formation.Purpose of site formation is to prepare a piece of land in order to: ? Accommodate building/s or other facilities which will be placed within the area. ? Form the land to the required orientation, shape or levels in order to accommodate such facilities. ? Provide the required back-up facilities including access roadways, drainage.

Design for Sloping Sites - Ministry of Housing & Lands.The following criteria apply to plot layouts on sloping sites: Slope Stability. ? Development will not normally be permitted on slopes steeper than 1:5 (20%). ? Above slopes of 1:10 (10%), and in areas of poor bearing capacity, the ground conditions should be checked and proposed structures certified by a qualified engineer.

Hill-Site Development – Planning, Design, Construction and ..should be examined to know the geomorphology features, previous and present land use, current development, construction activities, problem areas like previous slope failure, etc. The knowledge of the site histories particularly previous landslides and underground services is very important for the planning of the layouts.

Tips for Building on a Sloped Terrain | First In Architecture.This describes the process of carving out a level plinth on a sloping site, in order to build a home that is essentially designed for use on a level site. Any spoil that is cut . Building on stilts is one way of addressing steeply sloped sites. . Another option is stepping the ground by using low level retaining walls, or gabion walls.

Building Construction in Hilly Regions - Site Selection, Planning.Building construction in hilly region requires comprehensive planning, site selection and design for slopes and sustainable concrete construction practices. . It is also very important to orientate the building layout to minimize potential differential settlement especially if the buildings are on filled ground. This can be achieved.

Topography and design on a sloping site - Level.If a site is flat, the topography may not influence the location and layout of the building, but on a sloping site, the topography is likely to be a significant design factor. The slope of a site and/or the slope of adjacent sites may affect access to sun and views. For example, an east-facing hillside will have reduced afternoon and.

Building on Sloping Site - City of Gold Coast.Steep slope. For slopes between 20 and 33 per cent, post and beam construction should be used which steps with the site. This may include a lower part level with a concrete slab. Single slab on ground construction should not be used. Flat to slightly sloping sites. Single slab on ground construction is only suitable for a site.

How to Construct a Garage on a Slope | Hunker.8 Jun 2010 . The first step in constructing a garage on a slope is to find out how much the land slopes over the length or width of the garage. . Fitting the foundation to the ground is a critical part of building. . Square up the layout by multiplying the length by itself, the width by itself and then adding them together.

How to Build on a Sloping Site | Homebuilding & Renovating.18 Sep 2012 . One way of building on steeply sloping land is to build out from it on a series of supporting stilts or columns. This gets away from the need to build extensive foundations on sloping ground and it negates the need for tanking. It also leaves the ground relatively untouched, allowing planting to take place over.

Planning Advice Note PAN 69:Planning and Building Standards ..Steeply sloping sites can create severe problems to accessibility and the provision of long, zig-zag, ramped access is not considered reasonably practicable. While raising the level of a ground floor may help reduce damage to buildings from minor flooding, it may also make the installation of a simple, short ramp more.

Building Layout - Goodheart-Willcox.ings on a site. Also called a dumpy level or an optical level. Transit: Optical leveling instrument commonly used for building layout. Line of sight: A straight line that does . Ground spike. Tie strap. Leg clamp. Figure 6-7. Tripod legs hinge at top and are adjustable for use on uneven terrain. (David White). Eyepiece. Horizontal.

Land stability - GOV.UK.6 Mar 2014 . Advice on how to ensure that development is suitable to its ground condition and how to avoid risks caused by unstable land or subsidence. . such as a land stability or slope stability risk assessment report, would be required to ensure that adequate and environmentally acceptable mitigation measures.

Tips for Building a Deck on a Sloped Site - Better Homes and Gardens.Building a deck on a sloped site isn't much more difficult than on a level surface—so long as you plan for the difference. We'll show you how to plan for, lay out, and build your deck on uneven ground. . functions as an ideal starting place for laying out the site. After the ledger is installed, all layout measurements start from it.

Site potential - The Basement Information Centre.Maximise site layout - build up to street boundary. By lifting the ground floor level above street level to create upper and lower ground floors, properties can be . Utilise existing slope. Partial basements on sloping sites become viable compared to alternative substructure construction options to make up ground levels.